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False information reported on E cigarettes

21 July 2011 4 Comments

False Information on e-cigarettes

E-CigaretteDirect.com sets the record straight by informing their customers of the truth.

Since the release of the short FDA study on electronic cigarettes, there has been much mis-information that has flooded the market.  Gina King of E-CigaretteDirect.com has had enough. “This vagrant derailing of information is getting out of hand.  Reporters and the FDA are using scare tactics to undermine the health of the American people.”

Scare tactics

The FDA report stated that electronic cigarettes are dangerous because they contain an ingredient, diethylene glycol (DG), that is found in anti-freeze.  The FDA recognizes diethylene glycol as “Safe for human consumption” in certain quantities and it can be found in several consumable products such as toothpaste, wine and cigarettes.  In fact, the amount of diethylene glycol found in the e-cigarette is 1/40 the amount found in a typical cigarette and 1/10 found in an aspirin.  The substance was also found in only 1 out of 18 e-cigarette cartridges tested.  The FDA knows these statistics, yet uses terrifying lingo to continue to remain in control over our personal health decisions.

The scare tactics continue to be used by reporters that are too lazy to find the truth of the matter.

“Electronic cigarettes can be a great alternative to traditional cigarettes.  If you read the FDA study and know the statistics, you would conclude that the electronic cigarette is a much better alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The FDA should be looking out for citizen’s health, not the health of corporate pocket books.” states Ms. King.

Several leading tobacco researchers, including Dr. Siegel and Dr. Joel Nitzkin of the AAPHP Tobacco Control task Force have criticized the FDA and requested that the FDA validate their warning with more substantial scientific evidence.  You can read Dr. Siegel’s analysis of the FDA data and a comparison of electronic cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes here: E-Cigarette Safety.

This post was written by

Gina King – who has written posts on Electronic Cigarette Blog.
Gina King writes on behalf of vapers for Veppo International, the leading brand offering a robust selection of e-cigarettes, personal nicotine vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigars. Over the past 4 years, Veppo has provided more than 15,000 customers an alternative to toxic cigarettes. More info at VeppoCig.com

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  • seattlekos said:

    Why doesn’t the FDA examine what’s in aspartame? It’s a lot more dangerous than this substance found in anti-freeze.

  • VapersRdorks said:

    ecigs are better than tobacco cigarettes, no-nic ecigarettes are even better, Nothing except Food & Drink would cure the F*&%Kin’ World Dumb F8&^KS! Nicotine is still a poison that constricts and narrows your arteries. Nicotine is the direct cause of many cancers including larynx cancer.
    Tobacco is Bad, Nicotine is just as Bad. It’s Toxic & Deadly!

    • ecigarettedirectadmin said:

      Nicotine is only toxic in MEGA doses, just as anything can be. Normally, it has the same effects as caffeine..which is also addictive. Nicotine is not known as a carcinogen. Please…next time keep it clean.

    • Sam Munro said:

      In response you start off making a fair point using e-cigs at zero nicotine levels may very well be the safest alternative and you are right in it’s pure form nicotine is classed as a poison, but we are not discussing nicotine in it’s undiluted state.

      What is being discussed is that Nicotine from ecig vapour at Safe levels of Dilution causes no more determent to the body than that of Caffine.[FACT]

      The vapour from an e-cig poses no secondary threat via side-stream(exhaled) vapour to non-users and other individuals within the immediate vicinity.

      Even the anti-smoking crowd agree that it is the cocktail of chemicals given off during the combustion of tobacco that poses the most significant harm, not the nicotine.

      If nicotine is really as bad as you believe It would be banned and made illegal period. And would have never become FDA approved as an ingredient in NRT gum or Patches.

      And to clarify your point on constriction and narrowing of arteries, yes you are right, it does raise cholesterol, but to a far lesser degree than the nations favorite forms of saturated fat rich foods.

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