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Men who Smoke Like the Personal Nicotine Vaporizer

30 January 2012 One Comment

Men who Smoke Like the Personal Vaporizer

Vetta Personal Nicotine VaporizerCigarettes are marketed specifically to the genders. While menthol cigarettes that have a long and lean look appeal to female smokers. Cigarette manufacturers promote cigarette without the filter are naturally the preferred choice of inveterate smokers – advertised with images of construction workers and cowboys. One drag of these nicotine-friendly cigarettes and any man can be assured that he will produce a smoker’s hack in no time at all.

A little less “macho” than the fat cigarettes that feature no filter at all are those cigarettes that are made with a filter. While you can still enjoy the same amount of nicotine, you won’t experience that fiery burn that scorches your throat when you take a drag of the cigarette. However, you can still produce a smoker’s cough if you choose this variety.

Smoking “light” cigarettes urges you to smoke even more

Usually, pack-a-day smokers like smoking cigarettes that are advertised as “lights.” These cigarettes give you the illusion that you are consuming less nicotine, which also causes you to smoke more as a result. Or, if you are attempting to quit, then you might choose cigarettes advertised as “ultra-lights” to make yourself believe you are cutting down on your smoking ever so gradually. However, one frequently finds, like they do with “light” cigarettes, that smoking “ultra-light” cigarettes has just the opposite effect and they end up smoking even more cigarettes than before.

So, those “macho” cigarettes can cause the smoker quite a bit of difficulty when it comes to his health and quitting. Regardless of the kind of cigarette you choose, you still can’t help but be drawn to the nicotine. Fortunately, thanks to the development of the e-cigarette, especially the personal vaporizer, smokers of the stronger cigarette varieties have, at least, a fighting chance when it comes to improving their health or eventually quitting.

Giving you the same amount of nicotine without its toxic effects

The “macho” version of the e-cigarette, you might say, is the personal vaporizer. If you are a “macho” cigarette aficionado then, you will find this kind of e-cig to your liking. The personal vaporizer gives you a strong and plentiful amount of nicotine without producing the toxic smoke of those “macho” tobacco brands. Therefore, you can enjoy smoking without exposing yourself to the tars and carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes. What’s more, using a personal vaporizer will save you a great deal of money as the electronic device usually costs half the amount charged for the regular variety. Check out the product for yourself today on E-cigarette Direct.com.

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  • Kias Emmanuel Creech said:

    I worked up the nerve to try the e-cig about a month ago. It wasn’t eager really because like other products in the past I felt like this too was just trying to take away my rights as a smoker. I now use a personal vaporizer because I discovered the company that sold it had people working in their customer service department used to smoke too & now used this product. They didn’t scorn me for being a smoker but taught me a healthier alternative. This is why I’m an EX-SMOKER! Because this company made me feel like I was part of their team rather than a dirty old smoker they were just trying to convert. These fine folks understood my habit & addiction because they once had the same habit & addiction. So now I’m telling EVERYONE how they can make the switch too!

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