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Celebrities who smoke electronic cigarettes

14 October 2011 No Comment

People who smoke cigarettes of any kind know the harassment they receive, and it is not fun to deal with, but what about the celebrities who smoke, do they get harassed too? Yes they do, especially if they are in California, where it is now illegal to smoke cigarettes inside. This means that any public place in which people could smoke indoors is now considered smoke free, and that means even the celebs must comply, which is why many are making the switch to e-cigarettes. Technically, even though the electronic versions contain nicotine, they do not produce real smoke and are legal to “smoke” indoors.

Here is a list of some celebrities who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes:

Paris Hilton smokes e-cigs:

Paris Hilton smokes e-cigarettesParis Hilton used to be an avid tobacco-based cigarette smoker, and almost all of the paparazzi photos of her showed her smoking tobacco based cigarettes. These days however, she is keeping with the trend, as she always does, and is now smoking e-cigarette style.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo is known for his bad boy looks, and bad boy attitude, so it is not surprising that he smokes at all. However, some fans were surprised that in his latest photos, he was caught smoking e-cigarette style. He began smoking them when he attended an award ceremony in Britain that handed them out as part of the usual celeb favors.

Johnny Depp:

In the movie, “The Tourist,” Depp’s character smokes a lot of cigarettes, but luckily for his beautiful pearly whites that women love to adore, not to mention everyone on the set, he is smoking e-cigarettes. IN fact, since the ban in California, Depp has been smoking them ever since.

Britney Spears:

Because she was given a lot of flak for smoking traditional cigarettes in front of her kids, Britney made the switch to e-cigarettes, which contain no secondhand smoke and are a safer, less smellier alternative when smoking around her kids. She made the switch to e-cigarettes and has smoked them ever since.

Kate Moss switched to e-cigarettes:

While supermodels try to appear as if they are angels, they certainly are not and even supermodels smoke cigarettes. However, Kate Moss is one supermodel who smokes, but instead of tobacco-based cigarettes, she smokes electronic cigarettes, which are much trendier than traditional ones.

Tom Petty:

This music legend could have ruined his voice with all the cigarettes he used to smoke, but people with that much of an addiction find it even more difficult to quit, and one of the reasons that he switched to electronic cigarettes. At 59, he wanted to quit, but could not and he said that, e-cigarettes “take the edge off smoking” tobacco-based cigarettes in an interview with Parade Magazine.

Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton smokes electronic cigarettesEven the Royals smoke! Yes, the future queen Kate Middleton that we always see in the photos smoking cigarettes alongside the Prince, but wait – the cigarettes she’s smoking are not tobacco – based, they’re e-cigs instead. She received the electronic cigarettes as a wedding present and she is now a diehard e-cigarette smoker.


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