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Health Benefits of Nicotine

5 December 2011 No Comment

Nicotine Receptor StructureNicotine aids in Brain Health

Criticizers of e-cigarettes note that the electronic smoking devices make use of nicotine. However, what they don’t add is that the substance, itself, is not deleterious to one’s health. Nicotine contains a metabolite, called cotinine that, according to researchers, benefits brain health. In fact, cotinine not only increases memory retention, it also protects people from diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
Nicotine Therapy – A Notable Treatment for Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s occurs when the brain is deficient in acetylcholine. In turn, this deficiency is brought about by a deficit of nicotinic receptors in the cerebrum. Therefore, in order to improve memory or stop the progress of Alzheimer’s, nicotine therapy is suggested. This form of treatment is just in the initial stages of development but promises future success in alleviating Alzheimer symptoms.

Help for Sufferers of ADD

In addition, scientists have concluded that nicotine therapy is useful in providing relief for people who suffer from attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, as nicotine has been proven to check the following symptoms of the condition in adults:
–Becoming distracted in the midst of a conversation;
–Inability to complete work or simple tasks
–Tendency to make an excessive amount of errors
–Difficulty listening
Nicotine’s chemical structure works within the brain then to provide ADD sufferers with better focus and concentration.

Help for People who Suffer from Hypothyroidism

In addition, people who suffer from hypothyroidism can also benefit from using nicotine. Again, the chemical makeup of nicotine assists in ameliorating the learning issues related to the condition.

Nicotine Rebuilds Blood Vessel and Improve the Circulatory System

Remarkably, although cigarettes are faulted for circulatory difficulties, nicotine has been shown to be helpful in restoring the veins and assisting in the growth of new blood vessels. Currently, scientists are working on a safe way to administer the substance so people with circulatory problems or who have suffered from a stroke or heart attack can realize a healthy recovery.

How Harmful is Nicotine?

Unfortunately, the alkaloid chemical has a bad reputation because of its link to tobacco addiction and that link has clouded the benefits that can be derived from using the substance. Interestingly, the drug, which is condemned as being responsible for the loss of life is also a chemical that can provide cures and life-giving properties to people as well. Nicotine is the substance in e-cigarettes that has been attacked with respect to the product’s use.  However, scientific evidence suggests that the chemical has been, to a fair degree, unfairly censured because it is an active ingredient in tobacco products. Nicotine may be addictive but it is not a carcinogen, nor has it proven to be any more than a stimulant and a relaxant.

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