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Losing weight smoking e-cigarettes

6 July 2011 No Comment

Lucky e cigarette ad 1930s

Cigarettes were a method for losing weight

Vintage cigarette ads boasted of the use of cigarettes to assist in weight control. Consumers were encouraged, when tempted to reach for dessert, for example, to reach for a Lucky instead. The cigarettes were also reputed to cause no throat irritation or cough. Later, cigarette ads, such as those represented by Virginia Slims, seemed to be designed for svelte females. Again, the emphasis was on a slimmer, thinner, more attractive form. Naturally, nothing takes the place of eating healthier and exercising, but people were and still are influenced, to some degree, with using cigarettes as a method of losing or keeping off weight.

A More Healthful Option

Unfortunately, cigarettes also are the number one reason for premature death for men and women in the United States. Therefore, choosing a smoking alternative, such as the electronic cigarette, is a better option, especially if you have tried about everything available in which to quit smoking. That’s because smoking electronic cigarettes allow you to make the transition from smoking to not smoking, if you so choose, much more easily. They are indeed a more healthful alternative as they don’t contain all the pollutants and carcinogens that are found in tobacco products. When you smoke an e-cigarette, it looks like you’re smoking a regular cigarette and it may even taste like you’re smoking a tobacco brand. However, that’s where the similarity ends. That’s because an e-cigarette is an electronic device that mimics a tobacco cigarette but is a far more healthful alternative.

Non-combustible = smoke it anywhere

Electronic cigarettes are made, basically, of four key parts. An LED light lights up, just like the end of a brand cigarette. It is attached to a cylindrical tube that holds the battery for the device. Attached to that component is the atomizer. This key part heats the liquid solution in the cartridge so it is vaporized. When you puff on the cartridge or mouthpiece of the device then, a vapor, not smoke, is emitted. Therefore, no distracting smoke film clings in the air, in your hair, on your clothes, or in the curtains or furniture cushions in your home. The vapor disappears almost instantaneously too when it hits the air. As a result, you can smoke the e-cigarette just about anywhere as it isn’t technically considered a combustible product.

Spend Half of Tobacco Brands

Smoke the electronic cigarette on trains, in planes, at bus terminals, in airports, in restaurants, and in non-smoking workplaces. The e-cigarette is not only more healthful for smokers, it also gives them more latitude to smoke as well. If you’ve tried to quit but seemingly can’t break the habit, then the electronic cigarette is an ideal substitute. Plus, electronic cigarettes are much less costly than tobacco brands. Pay about half as much as you do for regular cigarettes.  (See the new e-cigarette savings calculator on E-CigaretteDirect.com homepage).

Stay Slim and Healthy – Switch to the E-Cigarette

If you’ve been using cigarettes for weight control purposes, put your health first instead. Check out the advantages of switching to the e-cigarette. Make the switch – look over the products featured on the E-CigaretteDirect.com site today.

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