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Latest Trend is E-Cigarettes

7 July 2011 No Comment

Theatre e-cigarettesIn today’s health conscious world where the right to smoke is continually being legislated, the latest trend is e-cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that simulate smoking without the same health risks and odors as traditional cigarettes. Due to the lower risks and being able to use them where smoking regular cigarettes are prohibited, e-cigs are popping up all over.

The popular TV show, “The Doctors,” a show hosted by four doctors who discuss the latest in medical and health issues, did a segment on e-cigarettes. On the show they demonstrated the way to use the various products and discussed the health benefits for anyone interested in quitting smoking* traditional cigarettes. As the e-cigs have virtually none of the chemicals used in making tobacco cigarettes and greatly reduced amount of nicotine, they endorsed this as an acceptable alternative to cigarette smoking. They actually ranked e-cigarettes as the number nine health trend of 2009. (*The FDA prohibits manufacturers from stating that e-cigarettes are a quit smoking or cessation method or device).

The vapor given off by e-cigarettes is a water-based mist. It has no odor and does not carry the harmful toxins associated with the second hand smoke given off by tobacco cigarettes. This healthier alternative for smokers eliminates many of the risks faced by traditional smokers. There is no objectionable odor, no smoker’s bad breath or cough. Dental health improves. Without the toxins found in other tobacco-based smoking products, the risk of cancer from smoking virtually disappears.

A Hollywood Hit

This healthier aspect of the e-cigarette appeals to many people including the Hollywood crowd. Tobacco cigarettes are known to contribute to premature aging and wrinkles and in a community where looks are everything, the e-cigarette is making its move. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Kate Moss, Tom Petty, Taryn Manning, Kevin Federline, Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Danny Bonaduce, American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, and Baseball star Jose Conseco and many others have been spotted using e-cigarettes. Katherine Heigl “lit up” an e-cigarette on a 2010 episode of the David Letterman show.  See the video here.

Even bad boy Charlie Sheen, known for his use and abuse of all kinds of substances, has used e-cigarettes. In his case, it was to avoid the stiff fine of $100,000 if he chose to smoke a real cigarette while on stage during a performance in Canada where strict anti-smoking laws are diligently enforced. Instead, he chose to go on stage with an e-cigarette and he escaped with his bank account intact.

Not only are celebrities embracing the e-cigarette but so is the entertainment media itself. E-cigs have been featured on a number of television shows and movies. In “The Tourist”, Johnny Depp’s character uses an e-cigarette throughout the movie whenever he finds himself in a place where smoking is prohibited. Another sighting occurs on the reality show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as Allison uses one during a dinner at Camille Grammer’s home.

When a product makes its way into the media like this, it’s because it has become part of our culture. The e-cigarette has been recognized for providing many advantages over smoking tobacco based cigarettes. It also provides a substantial alternative to when smoking tobacco products is not allowed.


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